Taking Care of the Details

Faroe Island SalmonWhat’s Cooking in Chef Bernie’s Kitchen

Hosting successful events at the Emerald Event Center hinges on the details. Our professional staff are experienced at choosing just the right touches in all the right places. Of course, excellence in cuisine is a priority and Executive Chef Bernie Berhent’s attention to detail begins at the source of the food.

Salmon has become a wedding favorite, a signature offering that is part of the Emerald Wedding Experience. Emerald Event Center’s kitchen features Fresh Faroe Island Atlantic Salmon. The Faroe Islands are located in the icy cold waters of the North Atlantic, between Norway and Iceland. These are some of the world’s best salmon fishing grounds. Faroe Island Salmon is known for its rich buttery flavor and creamy tender texture. It is obtained from a fully sustainable fishery in the midst of natural wild Atlantic Salmon feeding grounds. The Faroese fjords and sounds provide the proper conditions, currents and sea water circulation to naturally protect and cleanse the environment. The currents also aid in the development of natural muscle tone and well-marbled fish.

For more information on our mouthwatering options for weddings and events, full event menus can be found on our website.