Taking Care of the Details…

Emerald Culinary Team Sourcing Excellence

The Emerald Event Center culinary team work tirelessly to achieve excellence in everything that comes out of the kitchen. Simply put, they’re taking care of the details. If you ask any previous event attendee, wedding guest or conference participant what made their event memorable; you will probably hear about food and presentation. Our beef dishes reflect the constant attention to detail. From the Filet Mignon served at a fine wedding, to the Emerald Steakburger grilled at one of our Tuesday evening patio dinners, attention and planning have been underway long before the meat is on the grill.

Before the ingredients even arrive onsite, Chef Bernie Berhent is working hard to make sure that the cuts of meat that Emerald sources will exceed guest expectations. When choosing beef, the only option for the Emerald Event Center is prize selection Angus Reserve Beef®. Angus Reserve Beef comes strictly from Midwestern US cattle ranchers. It’s known for producing juicy, flavorful dishes. From farmers to meatcutters, those involved in the raising and processing are at the top of their craft. Angus Reserve is only commercially available to independent restaurants in the Great Lakes region, so you won’t find it in the grocery aisles or at chain restaurants. Angus Reserve Beef is hand selected for superior marbling and texture and comes from only the very top of the USDA grading system.

Of course, Our Angus Reserve Beef is only one option of many fine selections on the menu. You can find more of our menu selections here, all of which the ingredients are carefully sourced with the same attention to detail and quality. Brides and grooms who’ve signed a contract with EEC for their big day, are treated to a complimentary tasting of Emerald dishes including our Angus Reserve Beef dishes. Our next tasting is coming up this fall. But you don’t have to be engaged to give it a try. Every Tuesday night through the summer, Chef Bernie and his team will be on the grill at our evening barbecues. Try out an Emerald Steakburger for yourself! Yum!