Chef Bernie Berhent – The Face Behind the Flavor and Flair

If you’ve been to any of Emerald signature events, a wedding, business conference or a Workday Wednesday lunch you know why we’re well-known for our fresh flavors and dining flair. Executive Chef Bernie Berhent is the face behind the flavor.

With training at Johnson & Wales College in Providence, Rhode Island and almost 40 years experience in the culinary arts, Chef Bernie manages his kitchen team with excellence that makes our events shine. Chef specializes in a wide range of items and is well-known in theChef Bernie wedding industry for his focus on customer satisfaction and high quality. He is particularly skilled in Central European, German and Austrian cuisines, taking classical favorites and enhancing them with a skilled twist that delights customers and satisfies a wide range of palates. This is particularly important when serving large events with a diverse clientele. The Emerald Event Center can accommodate events with up to 400 diners. Food is often locally sourced when in season and Chef Bernie often adds these for a local spin to his dishes.

Throughout his career, Chef Bernie has mentored cooks who’ve advanced to Sous Chef and onto Executive Chef positions. His passion and skills have enhanced his kitchen team at the Emerald Event Center and allows events, large and small to run smoothly and appear effortless. Their attention to detail and added flair have satisfied brides and grooms, event planners and companies throughout the region who have been able to delight their event guests for over a year now.

Chef Bernie, his wife Lori and family reside in the Cleveland area with one child still at home and one working as a software engineer in Cleveland.