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Meet Craft Bar Bartender Sally Keating

Sally has been working in the food and beverage industry for 35 years. Many remember her as the friendly face behind the bar and the great food at Sally’s West Shore Pub in Avon Lake, a well-regarded business she owned and operated.

In her eight months tending the Craft Bar, Sally has discovered her favorite part of the job is the people she meets. She shared that “many guests are traveling in from all over. For instance, I recently met with a member of the native American Navajo population who lives on a reservation. His grandmother is a medicine woman. There are always so many interesting people here to talk to!” Of course, many regulars are local folks who’ve brought a local flavor to the Craft Bar— they’ve followed Sally from her days at her own pub. Sally also mentioned another favorite part of the job is working with Chef Bernie Berhent who, she says with a smile,  “he is amazing—such a professional! Everyone raves about his food and it makes my customers happy.”

Originally from Lakewood, Sally now calls Avon Lake home. “I love being close to the water-I’ve always lived by the water—it is soothing to the soul.” In her free time, Sally likes to make soup in cooler months. She even won third place in the Cleveland Souper Bowl for her Pizza Soup!